Break Strengths, Working Loads, and Product Information

Break Strength: The break strength of our straps refers to the maximum load or force that the straps can withstand before they reach their breaking point. It represents the ultimate strength of the straps and ensures their durability and ability to handle extreme conditions. Our straps have a break strength ranging from 950 pounds to 10,000 pounds, providing you with the confidence that they can handle the toughest challenges.

Working Load Limits (WLL): Working load limits indicate the maximum load or weight that our straps are designed to safely carry during regular use. It represents the recommended safe working load for the straps, ensuring that they perform reliably and securely in real-world applications. Our straps have impressive working load limits ranging from 650 pounds to 3,333 pounds, ensuring the safety and security of your cargo during transportation.

It's crucial to understand and adhere to both the break strength and working load limits when using our straps. By doing so, you can ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the straps while maintaining the safety of your cargo.

Choose our robust straps with high break strength and reliable working load limits for a secure and worry-free hauling experience. Order yours today and experience the strength and dependability that our straps offer!