Welcome to the World of Custom

If you’re looking to purchase custom built straps, you’ve found the best kept secret on the web. Anyone who has worked with custom strap builders can tell you that the experience can be frustrating. There’s a high market demand for branded straps in various industries, but most any place that can build custom straps is plagued with high minimum order quantities or ridiculously slow service. Here at Northwest Straps we understand that the custom industry runs at a faster pace. And we have years of experience with custom configurations and custom printing. If you need a custom strap – we've got your back!

How Its Done

Here is a 5 step process to get your custom strap started. 

Step 1: What’s the overall length of your strap?
Step 2: How wide is the webbing on your strap?
Step 3: What hardware do you need sewn into your strap? How does the strap function?
Step 4: What color(s) or logos do you want printed on the strap?
Step 5: Send that information including a picture of a prototype and any relevant logos to: phil@nwstraps.com and we’ll respond to you within 1-2 business days.